A Few Hours in Fort Lauderdale

I touched down in Fort Lauderdale for a one day layover. When I arrived I checked into the Hyatt Place and had breakfast at the Joe’s Cafe. Joe’s food was excellent and my stay at Hyatt Place was great.


On my way to Florida from Los Angeles, California.  I will be staying one day in Florida and then I will be leaving the country, more on that to follow in the next video.

The Journey

Two days ago I had an opportunity to stay at a really nice hotel.  I stayed at the Hyatt Centric in Long Beach, California.  The hotel decor is different than anything I have ever experienced.  The rooftop pool was amazing.  I snapped this image in the open air courtyard.  I created a composite with the supermoon last night, enjoy.

Yosemite Video

Yosemite National Park


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Food Photography

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Food is one of the hardest subjects to photograph.  In order to take a good picture of food, you need to make it needs to look appetizing.  I am not a chef and I don’t have one of those fancy studios, but here is what I do to take great photos of food.   The first thing I do is prepare the food.  When preparing your subject make sure the food looks clean and not messy.  I also make sure the colors of the foods compliment each other.  The second thing I do is set up a small stage area to photograph my subject.  I like using a white plate to photography food for two reasons.  White plates don’t distract from the subject and white plates are a good way to acquire the right white balance.  The third thing I do is work with my lighting.  Lighting is very important.  I either use a large soft box or I shoot outdoors.  If you are shooting outdoors make sure you find a nice spot in the shade.  I also make sure to have the light source coming from behind my subject.  To really make your food images pop, make sure the light source comes from behind the food and use a white card or reflector for fill light in front of the food.  The Fourth thing I focus on is the lens.  I either use a 100mm macro lens to get up really close or I use a 70-200mm lens so I can stand back and zoom into the image.  The benefit of using a zoom lens is that when you zoom in you can compress the image and blur out the background.  The fifth and final step is to take more than just one picture.  I usually take a series of shots at different angles.  Some angles look better than others, so experiment.  Food photography can be both frustrating and rewarding if you get it right.  The best way to learn is to just get out there and start shooting.  Use whatever camera you have available to you and don’t underestimate your cell phone.  Most cell phones have a macro mode and the results can be very impressive in the right light (just don’t use the flash).  Remember these steps and try photographing your next meal today.

Colombia 2012

My trip to Colombia 2012

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